Chobok Day!

I just love Chobok Season in Korea. Take a look at how the rain season encourages the Korean diet to change. #ChoBok #SamegyeTang

From Korea With Love

I was informed this morning that today is the beginning of Boknal (복날) in Korea.  Boknal is a month-long weather pattern that brings the hottest part of the year to Korea. Prior to this, Korea’s summer was muggy and rainy. This rainy season is called jangma (장마) aka monsoon aka wearing rain boots for a large part of July. 



During Boknal, Koreans tend to eat healthy foods to keep up their energy and strength. The first day of Boknal (today, July 19) is known as Chobok (초복) and on this day, Koreans traditionally eat Samgyetang (삼계탕) or Ginseng Chicken Soup! This ginseng chicken soup is believed to cool down the body during hot and humid days. The inside of the small chicken is stuffed with glutinous rice, ginseng shoots, and jujubes. The chicken is then boiled in a clear stock and served in an individual earthenware pot. Its…

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