Toronto Time


Niagara Falls

Have you ever heard how friendly Canadians are or even how nice they treat people? On Friday, March 20th, 2014 my wonderful girlfriend and I set out on a trip to Toronto, Canada to a conference I needed to attend. We woke at 1:00am and hit the road driving through the night and arriving in Toronto between 9 and 10:00am. During our trip we encountered a few roadblocks such as my GPS not working once we crossed over into Windsor Canada.

Good thing, the wonderful girlfriend and I had some printed directions. But in order to really get to Toronto we stopped into a gas station to ask for directions. Upon entering the gas station the clerk and I had a very friendly exchange about the wintry weather then I proceeded to ask him about our drive to Toronto. This dude was overly kind and made me check how much nicer I need to be to humans

Now this isn’t to say all Canadians are kind, because we know that isn’t the case, but like any stereotype when you meet a Canadian and they fit that, then you’re able to further corroborate why the stereotype exist. I was fortunate that most of the experiences that we had along our journey were pleasant. After the conference ended on Saturday, my wonderful girlfriend and I stayed an extra night in downtown’s Sheraton hotel. We had such a bombass dinner at the restaurant Quinn’s that on the drive back to Ohio we ate surf and turf again. If you are in the area, check out the Quinn’s Steakhouse located in the downtown Sheraton hotel in Toronto. While it is a bit pricey the quality is superb.

Early that Sunday we woke to a beautiful blissfully cold day in the city of Toronto. We had a plan to get out of the city and tap the Canada side of Niagara Falls. Driving about an hour and forty minutes we arrived in Niagara Falls to find such a majestic and wonderful sight.

Overall our trip was so refreshing to our souls, our relationship, and our work lives. At times, as Americans we don’t get the opportunities to travel and have a short vacation away from the diurnal mundane activities called “work”

Thank you to Miami University for helping sponsor my scholarly activity at the 2014 CIES conference.

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