CIES Conference Day 1

Photo on 3-15-14 at 10.14 AM

Taking Notes Like a G!

On Day one I attended the New Scholars workshop at the Comparative International Education Conference in Toronto Canada that heaped me shape my understanding of how scholars in the comparative international education field conceptualize both qualitative and quantitative work being done. There were two highlights to me.

First, Professor Nancy Kendall of the University of Wisconsin Madison reiterated the need for graduate students to choose a committee that could work collectively, collaboratively, and cohesively on the graduate students dissertation. To me, this screamed choose your committee wisely and under the guise of being purposeful about how they work together.

Second, Professor Noah Sobe of Loyola University in Chicago and I had a sidebar conversation about some work he was doing on transnationalism. During our session he made it pretty clear that we must define what we mean in our work around internationalism, globalization, and transnationalism. To me, this screamed continue to cultivate the definition that I want to use for my dissertation.

Overall, the session I attended was very thorough in making me become reflective on choosing my definition, by this I mean how I will define terms in my literature review. Secondly, it made me think through who will be on my committee come August. August is the day of reckoning.

On to the next one….

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