on my way

only you can retrieve your destiny. i guess this stuck in my head from all the times my teacher would say it to me.

but something didn’t make sense about this statement. retrieve, usually means the object is at a location a person is no longer. or possibly the person needs to return to history.

years later I would learn about the African notion Sanfoka. Which means to return and get it.

I’m on my way with my Sanfoka.

407 protest

today i surmise i was surprised to get the call. a call from a cruise line telling me i had won a trip the Bahamas. the bahamas isn’t a place i really want to go, even if you are offering me a $119.00 ticket for two. right now in my life the area code 407 from florida represents black american boys being blown away without justice legally, poetically, morally, or socially. 

on my call i told the person if i have to board the plane in florida i would like for them to keep their “free” international cruise and give it to someone who cares. maybe they can give it to someone who has a thrill seeking thought of going to florida because at this time im still upset that its okay for america to lock up, kill, and oppress black boys daily. one story, out of pennsylvania found that there was a judge selling juvenile boys, some of them black, to the criminal justice system. its a war going on in america against our youth and states such pennsylvania, florida, ohio, and texas flirt with privatized prisons that encourage the caging of youthful bodies. 

in the end, i love travel, but not if the trip, the experience, or the wonder intrudes on my social justice stance to shine the light beneath the injustices that hurt us in the american floorboard.