Funding Study Abroad

Over the years I have been pretty relentless about striking up the conversation about the importance of studying abroad. Many times students, friends, colleagues, and people involved in these conversations ask me about the cost. To be frank, I am not the richest person in the world when it comes to finances. More, I’ve always thought of cost last when it comes to a meaningful trip. Whether it has been Spain, the Philippines, South Korea, Brazil, China, Japan, France, Canada, or Germany, I’ve budgeted out months ahead of time, but always maintained the notion that the experience was more important than the cost. 

Because I know times are tough and people want to travel to places and do it for an affordable price I recommend checking out the website fundmytravel:

Along with this website above, Pivot, a website dedicated to researching scholarships, grants, and fellowships makes for a great place to find organizations that can help your dreams come true in traveling abroad. Here’s the website:

Happy hunting,


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